I thought I went to university so that I could get a good paid job. I learned all about Psychology and Psychophysiology, which is the physical stuff behind psychology, from body systems, hormones and organs, to the brain, including how it grows and develops, how that presents in the person, and what happens when something goes wrong. It was fantastic! I gobbled up all this learning like chocolate, eager for the career it would take me to.

Then I had children. My firstborn (Taz*) wasn’t right from day 1, and while fighting with myself because I was in denial, I started my own therapy program, which my university course had equipped me to do (thank goodness!). I was a free live-in 24/7 therapist until I discovered I was pregnant with twins (Chip & Dale*) so something had to give.

Nearly 10 years later, a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome for my oldest child, stacks of therapy (in-home and outsourced), I’m now here: ready to share my experience and offer support.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

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