Defiant Lives: Review

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What can I say about this eye-opening documentary? I can say that it walked me through a history that is thankfully over, that I was introduced to some interesting people, and that I realised that even my well educated and empathic mind had grown up with pre-conceptions about what it meant to have a disability.

I hope this film becomes a part of school curriculum, a part of well-known culture and a voice for those in our community who are differently abled.

You may well ask “why would I be interested in this film?” And to this I say that we all need to learn about each other, and it’s about time misconceptions about those defined as disabled were dissolved. We all have challenges in our lives. Some are very visible to others, and some completely unseen. We all have the right to experience our lives as fully as possible, and this film is about people who have to fight for just the basics of that.

The film presents interviews with an array of differently abled advocates, interlaced with archival footage of historical significance. It’s great to see interviews with active disability advocates, and those are well balanced with the archival footage and clear explanations about what the fight is for. I remember watching this change, and hearing people talking about fighting for rights I never had to even consider as an issue. I also remember the appearance of more disabled individuals in public as I gained age. This is recent history.

This film is not just a look at history though, it’s a call to arms. Sadly I still see the disabled minority group fading into the unseen background of life unless the fight is kept active. So I guess everyone needs to ask themselves: “Is the life of someone with disabilities seen as valuable?” And “Doesn’t everyone deserve a full life with all of the virtues that has to offer?”. We all know someone who needs the community to come together and help keep this battle for equality alive. Those with disabilities are no longer forgotten in the shadows, but still need to find the spotlight on the stage. We can ALL be a part of this.

How can you be a supporter for equality?

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