A Nothing Day

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(Picture curtesy of Ann Jeffree)

Today is one of those days when I feel like I have been on a hamster wheel. One of those days when I look around, and the house seems to look as unkempt as it did when I got up this morning with good intentions, and I am exhausted despite feeling like I have gotten nowhere at all.

It seems to be a feeling I have today, an internal vision that goes right back to that physics lesson where we learned that if you end exactly where you begin, the task is determined as having made no progress at all. I am there today, in dismay that I’m sore and tired, and disappointed that I actually felt reasonable today and yet seemed to have achieved nothing.

Thinking perhaps if I had made a ‘to do’ list, I might have gotten the satisfaction of crossing things off the list, but as with many other people, in the age of electronics, whatever has been done simply gets deleted off the list. There is no successful feeling left in an empty page, and for the life of me, I can’t remember what I did today. I do believe there was vacuuming, bench cleaning, there certainly was cooking, as all of the dishes are now festering in the kitchen with the delight only matched by the cockroaches if I leave them like that overnight.

I know I did something… Watering plants, collecting mail, doing an audit of the entire collection of school clothing… receiving a package (glad I was home, it would have been heavy to carry back from the post office), I’m dressed, so I know I did that… I checked Facebook, the weather, I dried a load of washing on the newly installed clothesline. Oh no! Realising that almost made me excited! Excited over a new clothesline and its usage… That’s right up there with being glad I don’t have to mow the grass because it’s fake. oh yeah… I worked one child through a meltdown. I don’t want to dwell in that place right now… Nope… I just can’t find anything notable… Nothing short of boringly mundane.

It was a nothing day… I’d have sooner slain a flooded laundry or something, just so I felt like something decent had stolen away my day (and it kinda forces a laundry floor cleaning in there too). Anything but a nothing day… The kids are all in bed, and I MUST remember to contact the tooth fairy about the stone-hard white spec under the pillow in a snap-lock bag. I love snap-lock bags. The kids even seemed happy. They are off to kinder and school tomorrow. I’m pleased for them. It’s gotta be good to get out of the house. I need to get out of the house, and not just to do a school/kinder pickup…

I hope SOMETHING happens tomorrow…

Image: Ann Jeffree

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